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Tammy Burnell

Meet Tammy

I am a former top Tom Ferry coach who opened up my coaching practice Turning Passion Into Profits in 2009. I have over 30 years of experience in real estate sales and have been a high-performance coach for 18 years.

While this may seem like years of success, I have had my struggles in my real estate career. I received my real estate license in 1988 after taking the real estate test twice, the hardest test ever LOL! I wasn’t very good at it and had no idea how to write a contract.

My first real estate transaction was a hot mess; I had made so many mistakes on the purchase contract that the listing agent re-wrote it for me to put the deal together! I had some success those first few years but was on the roller coaster of income like so many agents today.

I moved to Colorado after the Northridge earthquake in 1994 and that is when I became a rockstar real estate agent; in a matter of years, I was the number one relocation agent for military families. I moved back to Los Angeles 10 years later only to find myself taking that damn test again, but I passed it the first time!

California was so competitive and I thought to myself what the heck did I do leaving a thriving business? At that moment I decided to hire a coach, I needed help and direction on how to make money. I seriously felt like I was swimming with the sharks. My real estate coach was also skilled in Life Coaching and thank god he was!

Two weeks into coaching with him I found out that my husband of 10 years was unfaithful! Of Course, I was devastated, we had two small children and I seriously thought my perfect life was over. My coach started life coaching me and that was a total game-changer.

Within 90 days I had created a vision for myself both personally and professionally that I am now living today. The guidance and pure love I received from this coach transformed my life and that is why I became a coach. My mission is to help as many struggling agents get out of the roller coaster of income and become a highly profitable Realtor in today’s market!